AASC was founded on its aircraft business and has manufactured aircraft hardware and components since 1956. In addition to our lengthy heritage in metal bonding, we have expanded our expertise into composite fabrication of aircraft components such as various types of ducts and engine nacelles on a variety of aircraft.

Composite Gimbal

Directed Energy 

AASC has been involved with many of the recent directed energy weapons programs.  We fabricate large composite structures able to support the thermal stability and structural/dynamic requirements of these precision weapons.

Composite Structures

AASC has fabricated numerous composite structures and assemblies for directed energy programs.  These range from near zero CTE optical benches, to aerofairings, to large turret assemblies.

Fuel Tank

Commercial Aircraft Fuel Tank

Fuel Tanks 

AASC has fabricated numerous fuel tanks like the one pictured here.  These tanks are up to 140 inches long by 70 inches deep by 50 inches wide.  AASC typically develops all the tooling and processes with our customer during the design phase in order to minimize recurring costs.

E-2D Radome

E-2D Radome Sections

Avionic Radomes 

AASC has extensive experience in radome and RF transmissive and structures and assemblies.

Radome Structures

AASC is well versed in the use of all radome materials and understands electrical systems requirements.  Segregated facilities for radome manufacturing have been established at AASC.

Crushed Core Enclosures

Commercial Aircraft Avionic Enclosure

Avionic Enclosures 

Avionic enclosures AASC has fabricated not only encompass commercial aircraft, but also numerous military aircraft.  The enclosures AASC supplies are completely finished, including sealants, EMI shields and paint.  AASC has been fabricating avionic enclosures for more than 30 years.

Learjet Winglet

Winglet Assembly

Wing Structures 

AASC has manufactured more than 600 wing structures over the past 30 years for the commercial, military and business sectors and continues to do so today.  These structures include leading edges, trailing edges, tail rudders, winglets, helicopter rotor blades and many other complex metal bond assemblies.

2-Ply Panels with Mirror Finish

2-Ply Panels with Mirror Finish

Fuselage Structures 

From two-ply panels to fuselage access doors, AASC’s history in the manufacturing of fuselage structures is very broad. Our most common product, the two-ply, is produced adhering to strict specifications so that it may be formed into fuselage skin structures at our customer’s facilities. Other examples include impact and deflector panels, which utilize AASC’s ability to produce tough and durable lightweight structures.

2-Ply Skins

AASC manufactures two-ply laminate panels for numerous aircraft.

Boeing Escape Slide

Commercial Aircraft Escape Slide

Interior Structures 

Escape slides, floorboards and cargo raceway panels are just a few examples of the interior aircraft structures that AASC has produced over the past 50 years. Our ability to work with a vast range of materials and our current facility capabilities allow us to produce interior structures for any aircraft.


Rotor Blade Construction

Helicopter Components 

AASC was founded in 1956 as Parsons of California making rotor blades for helicopters. Since then we have continued manufacturing helicopter components including rotor blades, rotor pockets, and electronic enclosures.


Cleaning Center

Metallic Processing 

AASC has a phosphoric acid anodize and FPL etch line that has been in place since 1979.  Our tanks are 10' deep by 18' long by 4' wide and approved to multiple specifications including BAC5555.  AASC also has a center for alodine application, a robotic spray center for most primer applications (ex. BR-127), and smaller etch tanks for surface preparation of specialty metals such as titanium and stainless steel.


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