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Antares Launch Vehicle

Antares Launch Vehicle

AASC has been awarded a contract by Orbital Sciences Corporation to manufacture the composite structures for the Antares Launch Vehicle.

The 12’ 8” diameter x 32’ 4” long Payload Fairing is the largest of the structures, consisting of honeycomb core and composite facesheets. Along with the Payload Fairing, AASC will also manufacture the Fairing Adaptor (12’4” diameter x 6’), the Stage 2 Motor Adaptor (12’4” diameter x 44”), the Stage 2 Interstage (12’4” diameter x 20”), the Payload Adaptor (8’8” diameter x 8”), and the Avionics Cylinder (7’8” diameter x 27”). AASC will fabricate all components in their state-of-the-art, 271,000 square foot, Stockton facility.

The Antares is a two-stage launch vehicle with the ability to reliably launch payloads of mass up to 11,000 lb. to space. It is capable of launching both single and multiple payloads. This launch vehicle will supply cost-effective access to a variety of orbits. Originally scheduled for 2012, the first Antares launch, designated A-ONE, was conducted on 21 April 2013.

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