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Antenna Reflectors

AASC specializes in the design and fabrication of antenna reflectors of various diameters.  These range from small (less than 1 meter) to large (greater than 3 meters) antennas for communication satellites and deep space missions.

3m High Gain Antenna

3.0m High Gain Antenna

The HGA pictured here is three meters (3m) in aperture with a half meter (0.5m) sub reflector operating at both X-band and Ka-band frequencies.  AASC successfully completed the design, fabrication and test of this antenna, meeting all structural design requirements with ample margin, including surface figure, thermal stability and mass.

1.5m High Gain Antenna

1.5m High Gain Antenna

AASC successfully designed, built and tested this pictured HGA assembly.  All design parameters including weight, surface accuracy and reflectivity were met with margin.

1.2m High Gain Antenna

1.2m High Gain Antennas

AASC fabricated this pair of 1.2m HGA assemblies on a concurrent-engineering, build-to-print contract.  The reflector shells exceeded all structural requirements including mass, surface accuracy and alignment.

1.0m High Gain Antenna

1.0m High Gain Antenna

AASC designed, built, and tested this pictured HGA assembly.  This 1-meter antenna flew on the highly successful Deep Impact FlyBy satellite structure and provided much of the data transfer for the mission.

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