Composite Structures

AASC has fabricated numerous composite structures and assemblies for directed energy programs.  These range from near zero CTE optical benches, to aerofairings, to large turret assemblies.

Composite Optical Bench

Working concurrently with the customer, AASC developed processes and fabricated this precision alignment bench for an aircraft directed energy application.  This composite bench is nearly 8 inches thick with customized contours and recess areas.

Composite Equipment Bench

This large composite optical bench was nearly 180 inches long, 15 inches deep and 60 inches wide.  It included precision machined titanium mounting pads that were required to be extremely flat over the whole bench.  AASC successfully delivered two of these units exceeding all requirements.

Composite Turret

AASC fabricated two of these turret assemblies pictured here.  These turrets were nearly 90 inches in diameter and fabricated of solid composite laminate.  AASC utilized our precision equipment and customer precision tooling to assemble and align these structures to their mating structures.

Composite Optical Bench

AASC provided the design, analysis, fabrication and testing for this composite optical bench for another directed energy application.  This bench is nearly 130 inches long and 12 inch square.  Very high stiffness and near zero coefficient of thermal expansion were the key design drivers of this system.  All requirements were successfully achieved and the system delivered in time to meet the customer's asssembly sequence.

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