AASC designs and builds ground based defense structures for various applications. AASC's integrated product approach combines design, analysis and fabrication capabilities in metal, composite and honeycomb structures to achieve the highest level of performance required.

DDG-1000 Radome in Testing

Ground Radomes 

AASC has extensive experience in radome and RF transmissive and structures and assemblies.  Most of these radomes use Kevlar or Spectra fiber pre-pregs for ballistic protection and Rf transparency.

Radome Structures

AASC is well versed in the use of all radome materials and understands electrical systems requirements. Segregated facilities for radome manufacturing have been established at AASC.

Antenna Structure for Ground Based Radar

Radar Antenna Structure

Radar Structures 

AASC first began producing antenna structures to support space applications and has efficiently taken the knowledge gained to branch out into land and sea based applications as well.  The picutre on the left represents one of our large radar structures for a ground based, trailer mounted, fire finding antenna system.

Radar Enclosure

Radar Enclosure

Electronic Enclosures 

AASC has been producing electronic enclosures for ground based RADAR and other EMI/EMC sensitive applications for over 20 years. 

Ballistic Panels

Ballistic Panels

Ballistic Structures 

AASC has found that ballistic structures, such as armor panels, are a perfect fit with current capabilities.  To date AASC has produced many configurations of these panels which consist of various layers of materials including S-2 Glass, Kevlar, and Ceramics. The combination of materials not only provides structure, but also provides superior ballistic protection. These panels can be fabricated using a variety of processes including hand lay-up and Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding (VARTM).


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