Materials Testing

AASC's Instron Test Lab

AASC has an on-site lab dedicated to materials testing as listed below.

Physical Materials Testing

  • Fiber volume
  • Void content
  • Resin content testing via acid digestion and furnace burn off of the resin matrix
  • Thermal property analysis via DSC or DMA techniques
  • Glass transition temperature testing via DSC or DMA techniques.

Mechanical Analysis

  • Performed by Instron Testing Machines, with a load capacity of up to 56,200 lbs.
  • Wide variety of Wyoming test fixtures utilized for ASTM testing.
  • Wide variety of testing techniques per ASTM and ISO test specifications listed below:
    - Tensile testing (strength and modulus)
    - Compression Testing (strength and modulus)
    - Interlaminar Shear
    - In-Plane Shear
    - Laminate Interlaminar Flatwise Strength
    - Flexure (strength and modulus)

Mechanical Analysis of Adhesives

  • Peel testing - Honeycomb peels, or metal-to-metal bonded sandwich structures
  • Lap Shear Testing - Tests the shear strength of adhesives and verifies the integrity of chemically cleaned and primed metal surfaces.
  • Wedge Durability Testing - Tests the durability of adhesive bonded structures Routinely performed when parts undergo
  • Phosphoric Acid Anodization

Chemical Testing

Solution and metal analysis via acid/base titrations and metal analysis via atomic absorption spectroscopy.


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