Non-Destruct Testing

AASC's Vertical TTU Scanner

AASC is a leader in the fabrication of advanced bonded assemblies. We have extensive heritage in the Non-Destructive Testing of lightweight metallic and composite bonding, and have Nadcap Accreditation in both UT and PT methods, to provide the highest quality testing possible. Our systems utilize ‘Winspect’, the state of the art software for instrumentation and computer-based data acquisition and analysis systems.

  • Two Thru-Transmission Ultrasonic (TTU) Test Machines 8’ x 16’ and 4’ x 4’ (Complete through transmission ultrasonic systems can be designed with total immersion, squirter, or non-contact air-coupled instrumentation for water sensitive material applications.)
  • TTU is Air, Water, and C-Scan Capable
  • A-Scan Capable
  • Digital X-ray
  • Ultrasonic and Fluorescent Penetrant Testing (AASC can retrofit existing Ultrasonic C-Scan systems, design flexible multi-task scanners, or design and build specific purpose equipment for specialized applications.)

AASC NDT Personnel

  • One Level III UT/PT, ASNT Level III,
  • NAS 410 Employee
  • Two Level II UT/PT, NAS 410 Employees

Contact Space

(209) 983-3435
(209) 983-3375