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LAS Adaptor Cone in Static Load Testing

AASC successfully completed static load testing for the second Adaptor Cone in early August, 2008. At the Building 6 test cage, the adaptor cone satisfied Orbital’s criteria and was approved by Lockheed Martin and NASA.

The first adapter cone test was completed on 6/13/08, and the second adapter cone was tested according to the same test plan (the same test configuration and the same loads). The hardware was protoflight load tested to more than 2.5 million in-lbs using AASC’s new hydraulic control system.
Overall, the strain and deflection data showed no large jumps, meaning the hardware did not show any type of failure or anomaly. After the testing, AASC conducted a thorough visual inspection and local tap-testing and no detrimental damage or deformation was found. From this data, it was concluded the Adaptor Cone test was a success. These units are now in integration at Orbital’s Dulles, Virginia facility.

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