Static Load Testing

AASC's Static Load Test Cage

AASC has a state-of-the-art static load test capability at our Stockton facility. The new MTS Corporation system includes hydraulic pumps, electro-mechanical controls, actuators, load cells, and system level controls.

The hydraulic system consists of a Hydraulic Pressure unit (HPU) that feeds the Hydraulics Service Manifold (HSM), which in turn feeds the distribution manifolds. From there the fluid feeds through individual load abort modules to the actuators. The system is currently configured to run up to eight actuators, with manifolds and load aborts on hand to run 12 actuators if required. Each actuator has a two-bridge load cell on its output end and a displacement transducer on the piston rear.

The system is governed by the Aero ST Control System which controls the test completely closed loop either by displacement or by force. A test configuration is programmed into the system and a test simulation is performed to validate the program before any hardware is touched. We use the system in force-control mode using one bridge of each load cell for feedback; the load cell’s second bridge is wired into the HBM data acquisition system, using Catman Measurement software along with the strain gage outputs. The house system can accommodate 500 channels with up to 24 LVDT.

AASC load actuators:

  • Quantity six (6) 201.70, 215kip, in the test cage
  • Quantity two (2) 201.45, 100kip, loose
  • Quantity four (4) 201.35, 55kip, loose
  • Quantity one (1) 201.25, 22kip, loose
  • Quantity two (2) 201.17, 7kip, loose


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