SPACE PRODUCTS | Thermal Control


AASC routinely applies thermal control coatings to many of our structures.  These range from very fragile optical solar reflectors (mirrors) to thermal paints to very thin films that are co-cured with composites or secondarily bonded to our structures.

Optical Solar Reflectors (OSRs)

bonding very thin OSRs onto large heat pipe panels

AASC has experience bonding very thin 2" x 2" and 1" x 1" OSRs onto large heat pipe panels utilizing standard RTV adhesives.  A segregated OSR bonding room is utilized for this process.


large paint booth

AASC has a large paint booth for application of numerous types of paint.  AASC routinely applies Z306, Z307, A276 and other specialty ESD and thermal paints.


bonding specialty films to structural panels

AASC routinely bonds specialty films to structural panels for thermal protection or thermal performance.  These films include aluminized Kapton, black Kapton, gold Kapton, Tedlar and other specialy films.

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