Thermal Cycle Testing

AASC's Largest Thermal Cycle Chamber

Thermal Cycle Testing serves as a way to check the levels of expansion and contraction on parts that will ultimately be subjected to varying temperature conditions. The chamber heats up and cools down to supplier requirement.

AASC has four Thermal Cycle Chambers onsite (two small, one medium, and one large). The two small thermal chambers can be placed on AASC mechanical test frame and allows for testing of mechanical properties at temperatures ranging from -250˚ F to +400˚F.

New Thermal Cycle Chamber (12’ x 15’ x 10’)

Temperatures Range: -300˚F to +400˚F

Medium Thermal Cycle Chamber (6‘8”x 5’8” x 3’8”)
Temperatures Range: -300˚F to +320˚F

Small Thermal Cycle Chamber (19” x 12” x 16”)
Temperatures Range: -250˚F to +400˚F

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